Our clients speak about their Say It Like a Pro speech coaching experience.

Michigan Sales Manager
“I was accustomed to being the top salesman in my company. As my company grew I realized the salesmen who were able to deliver their sales presentations in a confident manner were out pacing me in sales. Professor Karsh worked with me to deliver dynamic persuasive sales presentations in a natural style. Now, I am often asked to do presentations for our company at national conferences.”

Florida Professional Athlete
“Post-game interview were a nightmare for me. I was afraid to open my mouth for fear of putting my big foot into it” Media coaching with Say It Like a Pro gave me the control and confidence I need to handle any interview smoothly.”

International Hotel Chain Executive
“In preparation to deliver a series of speeches to our hotels in the Caribbean I arranged for intensive speech coaching with Professor Karsh. I am no longer terrified to give a speech. But more importantly, I have found my “natural speaking voice” that can hold an audience’s attention.”

Boston News Anchor
“The help I got from working with Say It Like a Pro was absolutely priceless.”

Arizona Religious Leader
“I felt very embarrassed when preaching my first sermon as a new pastor I noticed church members nodding off, some were even asleep. Professor Karsh worked with me to improve my voice projection and to speak with more emotion."

Korean Professor of Medicine
“Thanks to the English Pronunciation coaching with Say It Like a Pro I was able to present my speech to an international medical conference confident that my audience was able to understand what I was speaking about.”

California Television Sportscaster
“I was told that with my vocal delivery I would never get a job on-air….after four months of voice and diction coaching with Professor Karsh I was working on-air as a sportscaster.”

North Carolina Beverage Company CEO
“When I was invited to address a large industry conference I had my staff create my power point slides feeling I was well prepared. I asked Professor Karsh to help me with my speech delivery. She edited my fifty slides down to five and told me to tell my story. She is a genius! I was the hit of the conference.”

Texas College Administrator
“Growing up in New York City I never considered that, I spoke with an accent until I was offered a fabulous job in Texas. A concern was raised that people would have some difficulty understanding me when I was speaking to them. I reached out to Say It Like a Pro for help in losing my “New Yawk accent”. I am proud of being a New Yorker and equally proud that my new Texan friends can now understand my speech completely."