Personal Coaching English Pronunciation Training

Who needs English Pronunciation Training?

In today’s world the ability to speak English clearly and precisely is no longer a luxury; it is an absolute necessity. Consider the following:

  • A foreign national with a high profile job giving speech presentations in English.
  • A native English speaker with a very strong regional or urban accent.
  • A multi-national business professional eager to achieve success by communicating effectively in English speaking markets.

Say It Like a Pro provides the training and support our clients must have to communicate easily and fluently in English.

Benefits of English Pronunciation Training:
English pronunciation training with Say It Like a Pro is an excellent way to insure that your English language skills are letter-perfect.

Our clients requesting English Pronunciation personal coaching are already proficient in English but need to polish their pronunciation, rhythm, intonation and clarity to become accurate and sensitive communicators in English.

Your first or native language defines, in part, who you are. To communicate fully in another language-in another culture- you must have the ability to speak clearly and precisely. Say It Like a Pro uses an interactive user-friendly process to improve your English pronunciation.

How we coach English Pronunciation:
Professor Karsh will develop a personalized training program for you based on your needs, goals and personal learning style.

Say It Like a Pro uses an interactive user- friendly process to improve your English pronunciation. We use an on-line video conference program, Skype TM, that provides live sessions via computer in the comfort of your home, office, hotel or anywhere that is computer accessible worldwide.

We encourage you to send any questions about English Pronunciation Training to Say It Like a Pro.

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