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Enhance your speech delivery with personal speech coaching...

Who Needs Public Speaking Coaching?
Speaking in front of a group is indeed anxiety producing. In fact, experienced pilots have admitted they would prefer jumping from their plane, minus a parachute, rather than giving a speech in front of a live audience.

If even, the thought of delivering a speech has you in a “tailspin,” public speech training from Say It like a Pro is the practical way to get the help you need to “wow” your audience.

Benefits of Public Speaking Coaching:
Say It like a Pro focuses on getting you ready to deliver your speech while meeting the demands of your busy schedule.

We build on your strengths and target your areas in need of improvement. Say It like a Pro uses an interactive user-friendly process to improve your Public Speaking skills.

How We Coach Public Speaking:
Based on your specific needs Professor Karsh will customize an effective training program for you.

Your public speaking training will include the following areas:

  • Overcoming your speech anxiety
  • Improving body language including eye contact
  • Learning to project and vary your voice
  • Exploring how to capture and hold your audience’s interest

Professor Karsh is available to edit your speech, as well as assess and revise your “PowerPoint” presentation.

Say It like a Pro uses an interactive user- friendly process to improve your Public Speaking skills. We use an on-line video conference program, Skype™, that provides live sessions on your computer in the comfort of your home, office, hotel or anywhere that is computer accessible worldwide.

We encourage you to send any questions or concerns about Public Speaking Training to Say It Like A Pro!

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