Speak with the confidence you‘ve always desired

Personal Speech Coaching Services

Do you feel confident about speaking in front of an audience?

Do people enjoy listening to you speak?

Do people understand what you are saying?

Say It Like a Pro speech coaching changes:

  • Nervous speakers into colorful storytellers
  • Mumblers into clear interesting presenters
  • Your incorrect pronunciation into easily understood English

Magic? Not quite, but after two decades we are experts at providing our clients with the necessary tools to be effective communicators—an essential requirement to be successful in both business and personal pursuits.

Say It Like a Pro offers personal speech coaching in:

Now, your own personal speech coach is available wherever you are located.

Say It Like a Pro is an upscale, boutique company specializing in personal speech coaching. We use an on-line video conference program, Skype ™, that provides live sessions via computer in the comfort of your home, office, hotel or anywhere that is computer accessible worldwide.

One-to-one speech coaching with Say It Like a Pro is personalized for each client based on their individual goals and needs.We concentrate on building your self-confidence while you improve your communication skills.

Contact our Director, Professor Ellen Karsh, with any questions about speech coaching with Say It Like a Pro.

Here are some of our other specialized services:

  • Accent Reduction - Accent Neutralization Training
  • Corporate Speech Coaching
  • English as a Second Language - Speaking Effective English
  • Executive Speech Coaching
  • Public Speaking Coaching
  • Voice and Diction Training
  • Speech Coaching for Executives
  • English Language Skills

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