Personal Coaching Voice and Diction Training

Our customized approach leads to a more effective vocal presence...

Who needs Voice and Diction Training?
For good or bad, we only have one chance to make a good impression on people. Within ten seconds of hearing you speak people decide if they want to listen to you. Think about if people have ever told you the following

  • Speak louder
  • Repeat what you said
  • You are speaking too fast

If so, you probably will not hold their interest for very long. Here’s why, your voice tells people not only how you feel about yourself, but also how you feel about others.

Being a polished and persuasive speaker will enable you to achieve more both personally and professionally.

Benefits of Voice and Diction Personal Coaching:
If you are able to make the time investment in your career, Say It Like A Pro! can coach you to present a more effective vocal presence in an easy and comfortable manner.

Our training uses interactive user-friendly techniques. With Voice and Diction training from Say It like a Pro, you will speak with confidence, expression and clarity.

How We Coach Voice and Diction:
Professor Karsh will develop a personalized training program for you to eliminate any of these speech killers: speaking too fast, chopping off word endings, speaking too softly, forgetting to use pauses, and speaking in a monotone.

Say It Like a Pro also provides training to eliminate speaking habits for women that undermine their vocal power: making statements into questions, tight squeaky voice, and fading volume or lack of energy.

Say It Like a Pro uses an interactive user- friendly process to improve your Voice and Diction. We use an on-line video conference program, Skype TM, that provides live sessions via computer in the comfort of your home, office, hotel or anywhere that is computer accessible worldwide.

We encourage you to send any questions about Voice and Diction training to Say It like a Pro!

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